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Local Space Astrocartography

Staying Put... Go Where Success Awaits Your Arrival

If you do not wish to--or can not--move, then my unique "local space astrocartography" Treasure Map Report is ideal.   Your Map plus Report precisely identify, using your local street names, the nearby areas for you to find the absolute best employment, love, home life, friendship, shopping, sports, recreation, schooling, business opportunities and more.   This service is perfect if you must or want to stay in your current location.

Your Treasure Map is the improved StarWise "local space" map based on Jim Lewis' astrocartography discoveries.   To learn all about the incredible accuracy and benefits of these maps, read the free and sample ebooks on relocation astrology and astrocartography.   To summarize the key advantages, these maps utilize StarWise's unique 3-D astrocartography methods for better accuracy and show an unprecedented level of detail.

Unlike maps from any one else, you can conveniently pinpoint your beneficial areas down to the specific street names and addresses on your StarWise Treasure Map.  Your Map shows color-coded lines and belts in a special pattern specific to just your horoscope.  Your Report explains the effects of going to the areas where the colored belt-lines lie--and even to places in the middle half-way between belt-lines.

In the sample map below, for example, the wide gold-yellow (Sun), purple (Jupiter) and green (Venus) belt-lines are the most fortunate places to be for making money, good health, finding/enjoying love and romance, the best shopping, finding a great home, business investments, making new friends, etc.  Your Map even shows which places to avoid to stay out of trouble.

The sample map shows the detail possible in your "Treasure Map" if you request a small geographic area.  Please realize that this sample map is only 1/4 scale to improve page loading.  The quality of the full size map shows even more clear detail.  To fully appreciate your map, a good high-resolution computer monitor, 17" or larger, is best.  StarWise can even provide you with your local space grid pattern itself to use on all map sizes/resolutions for all locations worldwide--yet another StarWise unique service.

Lyn Williams says:

"Stephen's knowledge of astrocartography, Local Space maps and "personal" feng shui is amazing and accurate.  He has not only helped me profoundly, but the friends and family members I have referred to him.  I recommend his services highly." *

Lyn Williams --- Local Space Treasure Map

Order Your Couples/Family Local Space Map & Report $245

How other people like you have benefited...
Read some of the many success stories customers tell after using StarWise astrocartography and relocation astrology services.   Learn how StarWise astrology can help you improve your life even more by reading the fascinating, free and sample eBooks. Please contact StarWise for prompt answers to any questions you have.   Get your Treasure Map Report for your current location and begin each day knowing in advance exactly where your best opportunities to reach your dreams and goals await you.

* These are individual results which may vary from person to person.

Obviously, the benefits of your own StarWise service(s) may
NOT be exactly identical to the testimonials above—you may
enjoy more, less or similar results.

StarWise provides all clients with clear, effective recommendations
on how you can help maximize the intended benefits of your StarWise
guidance. StarWise is committed to helping you as much as possible.

We hope and expect you to do the same--to vigorously help yourself
grow, prosper and savor every moment of your precious life. The more
this happens, the more you will benefit from and appreciate our
collaborative teamwork!


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