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Business and Organization Astrocartography

Starting or Relocating your Business or Organization...

StarWise works with you to identify one or more locations which will maximize your current business or organization's goals and objectives.   In addition to pinpointing "Paradise" for your business or organization, StarWise can detail the ideal times for making decisions, actions, advertising, building, loans, hiring, firing, production, design, tax audits, and more.   StarWise has advised individuals, couples, families, businesses, corporations and not-for-profit organizations.

Your personalized Astrocartography Relocation Consultation is hand-tailored for just your situation and requirements.   I personally analyze your "3-D" natal charts, astrocartography maps, relocated natal charts and forecast to select the best areas that maximize your upcoming opportunities to achieve your business/organization's goal(s).

Dr. James Maguire says:

"Thank you giving me a very helpful answer.  You are right on the money.  It has come to me from a number of sources that I really need to take time to make a detailed list of exactly what I want.  I have some exercises and meditations for doing this, and plan to spend time on it this weekend.  More... *

Grow your existing business or organization without relocating....

You can also succeed more and faster right where you are without relocating. Learn where and when--in your current location--to find your most profitable customers, your most reliable, low cost suppliers, and where to avoid doing business due to stiff competition, complications, etc.

Free Pre-Consultation Discussion
You can easily and quickly schedule a free pre-consultation discussion to answer your questions about StarWise astrocartography services.   Learn how relocation astrology can help your business or organization grow and succeed with the minimum of resources and time.

Astrocartography Business/Organization Consultation Process:
Before your initial consultation, I send you a preparation questionnaire to help you clearly explain your situation and goals.   This first step enables an accurate understanding and speeds the consultation process greatly.   After you return the questionnaire, I work to refine my initial conclusions and recommendations before calling you.

In our live telephone consultation, I verify my interpretation of your business or organization's chart and we then discuss any issue you wish, such as the best locations I have identified for you and your goals.   I email you detailed special 3-D astrocartography maps and relocated natal charts of your best locations, and discuss a brief schedule of the best times to accomplish your business goals short and mid-term.   Other key information and advice is provided, time permitting.   Most business clients schedule on-going consultations each quarter or bi-annually.

Henry Tappen says:

"With Stephen's invaluable business advice, we have expanded our operations to two local Laundromats and one car wash--all quite profitable.    Read more... *

Business / Organization Consultation Fees:
StarWise astrocartography consultation ranges from $100 up, based on how much discussion time you wish.   You only pay for the time you need on a per minute basis.

A special $180 introductory package is offered to new clients consisting of the advance preparation work and 45 minutes of telephone consultation on any issue.   Subsequent consultations (by email or phone) cost only $ 80 / 20 minutes. The minimum order time is 25 minutes for your first live consultation; 20 minutes for subsequent live consultations; and 15 minutes for Audio Reports and Email answers.

Order your Business / Organization Consultation Now:
This is the right way to guarantee you find your ideal business growth. StarWise's most successful business clients choose this service.  Click here to schedule your Business / Organization Consultations

How other business people like you have benefited...
Read some of the many success stories customers tell after using StarWise astrocartography relocation services.  Learn how StarWise astrology can help your business or organization improve even more by reading the fascinating, free and sample eBooks.   Please contact StarWise for prompt answers to any questions you have.

* These are individual results which may vary from person to person.

Obviously, the benefits of your own StarWise service(s) may
NOT be exactly identical to the testimonials above—you may
enjoy more, less or similar results.

StarWise provides all clients with clear, effective recommendations
on how you can help maximize the intended benefits of your StarWise
guidance. StarWise is committed to helping you as much as possible.

We hope and expect you to do the same--to vigorously help yourself
grow, prosper and savor every moment of your precious life. The more
this happens, the more you will benefit from and appreciate our
collaborative teamwork!

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