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Famous Celebrity Charts in 3-D

Planets, which change signs when seen from the two key points of view, are the best proof of the value of 3-D chart analysis. These charts of famous celebrities truly illustrate this point.  They have planets in two signs, one by ecliptic and one by RA.  Their ecliptic charts alone fail to adequately explain their lives and personalities.  Only their two charts taken together clearly explain these celebrities 100% correctly.

These examples may help you finally understand why all the standard interpretations of your ecliptic chart (forecast, etc.) alone do not describe nor fit you perfectly.

Explanation of the Chart

The aspect lines shown are:
red = "stressful" squares, semi-squares, etc.
green = "easy" trines and sextiles
purple = "mixed" quintiles, etc.

3-D Conclusions

Most charts have exact birth times using two different sources.  Yet, even a large error in the birth time would not shift any planet(s) from being in two signs to being just in one sign in both ecliptic and RA.  Thus the conclusions you draw by viewing the two charts of these celebrities are valid regardless of birth time accuracy.

Birthplace and Relocated Natal Charts

All charts show the Ascendant, MC and houses for the natal birthplace only--they are not relocated.  If you relocate the natal chart (= RNC) of these celebrities to the key relevant locations in their lives (such as Hollywood for actor/actresses, etc.), the value of our 3-D chart analysis (and RNC's) is even more blatant.

Billy the Kid Ecliptic Chart Billy the Kid (RA) Chart

Quick 3-D Analysis Billy the Kid is infamous for killing 21 men before being shot dead at age 21.  By ecliptic his Sun Q is in Sagittarius I, indicative of fame and fortune (see Billy the Kid Biography ).  By RA, however, his Sun is in Scorpio H, indicative of death and destruction.  Taken together, Billy the Kid is infamous for killing people.  His time of birth is speculative, but this does not affect the above split in Sun sign positions.


Boris Karloff Ecliptic Chart Boris Karloff (RA) Chart
Quick 3-D Analysis Boris is famous for his scary acting in horror movies, like Frankenstein.  Like Billy the Kid, Boris' Sun Q is in Sagittarius I by ecliptic, indicative of fame and fortune (see Boris Karloff Biography ).  By RA, however, his Sun is in Scorpio H, indicative of fear, death, rebirth and mutation.  Taken together, Boris is famous for scaring people as a reborn monster.


Danny Glover Ecliptic Chart Danny Glover (RA) Chart

Quick 3-D Analysis  Danny Glover starred in The Color Purple and the Lethal Weapon series, among other films.  He always plays a big/strong but also quiet/complex character.  His Sun Q is in Cancer Dby ecliptic, indicative of quiet and complex (see Danny Glover Biography ).  By RA, however, his Sun is in Leo E, indicative of big, loud and strong.  Taken together, Danny is known as sweetly tough and a caring, gentle king.


Dolly Parton Ecliptic Chart Dolly Parton (RA) Chart
Quick 3-D Analysis Dolly Parton is famous for her old-fashioned singing of traditional Country-Western and folk songs--and flaunting her big, artificial cleavage on stage.  Her 41" bust line dramatically contradicts her petite 5' frame.  Her Sun Q is in Capricorn J by ecliptic, indicative of her conservative, work-a-holic, practical reputation (see Dolly Parton Biography ).  By RA, however, her Sun is in Aquarius K, indicative of her daring, wildly successful business exploits (e.g., Dollywood Park).  Taken together, Dolly is electric, tough, brilliant, all business and a rebel.


Harpo Marx Ecliptic Chart Harpo Marx (RA) Chart

Quick 3-D Analysis  Harpo is famous as the silent Marx brother.  Like Billy the Kid, Harpo's Sun Q is in Sagittarius I by ecliptic, indicative of conventional good fun and wild jokes (see Harpo Marx Biography ).  By RA, however, his Sun is in Scorpio H, indicative of secrecy and rejection.  Taken together, Harpo never spoke in any movie he was in and hated his birth name, Adolph, which he changed many years before Hitler made it infamous.  Privately, he was a reserved, devoted family man.


Hillary Rodham Clinton Ecliptic Chart Hillary Rodham Clinton (RA) Chart

Quick 3-D Analysis Hillary (Senator, Democrat, NY) is most famous--so far--as the wife of President Bill Clinton.  Her Moon R is in Pisces L by ecliptic, indicative of surrender, forgiveness, shyness, sorrow and self-defeat (see Hillary Clinton Biography ).  By RA, however, her Moon is in Aries A, indicative of bold, pioneering action and courage.  Taken together, Hillary is famous as a loyal wife despite the sexual infidelities of her husband--and as an activist, pragmatic leader.

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